Premium Notion Calendar Synchronization

MissingSync synchronizes your favorite calendar with a Notion database. If you don't know what we are talking about, you probably don't need it. But if you know the pain, we've got you covered!

Sync Your Calendars

Key Use Cases to Unlock Your Productivity

Calendar-Notion Integration

Integrate your Calendars with your personalized Notion layout

Start with Template or from Scratch

Begin from scratch or utilize our prepared Notion template

Subscribe to Shared Calendars

Become a part of shared calendars via subscription

Notion or Calendar Initialization

Start from a Notion Database, a Calendar or completely from scratch

Broad Calendar Sync Compatibility

Establish synchronization with a wide range of calendar platforms

Bidirectional Sync

Sync in both directions

Sync Essential Details

Sync key details like Title, Date, Location, and Description

Recurring Events Sync

Synchronize Recurring Events (modifiable only in the calendar, not in Notion)

Supported calendars


Google Calendar



Apple iCloud Calendar



Generic CalDav Calendar



Calendar Subscription


Outlook Calendar

Might coming soon... details

See how you set up your first calendar in less than a minute


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  • LITE
  • $1.67
  • Per Month *
  • 1 sync per day
  • 1 calendar
  • approx. 30 syncs a month
  • $5.83
  • Per Month*
  • 10 minutes sync delay
  • 5 calendars
  • approx. 3300 syncs a month
  • PRO
  • $22.5
  • Per Month*
  • 3 minutes sync delay
  • unlimited calendars
  • approx. 14400 syncs a month

* on a yearly subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

We periodically check for changes. To conserve resources and avoid overwhelming Notion or your calendar service, we take breaks between sync runs. Each run syncs all your calendars. Sync delay refers to the pause between two syncs.
Certainly! Log in to MissingSync and click the dollar sign at the top of the page to adjust your subscription.
For optimal performance, we only sync from one week prior to two years ahead.

Notion Templates

We're developing complimentary Notion Templates, tailored for seamless integration with MissingSync.

Missing GTD for Notion: Master Your Tasks Efficiently

Unlock the power of Getting Things Done (GTD) in your Notion workspace with "Missing GTD". Designed meticulously for those who seek to manage their tasks efficiently and declutter their workspace, Missing GTD bridges the gap between the principles of GTD and the flexibility of Notion.

  • Quick Capture Button
  • Inbox Overview
  • Focused Views
  • Specialized Views
  • One-Click Categorization
  • Fine-Tune Your Tasks
  • Project Integration
  • Calendar Synchronization
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